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At AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center we specialize in the treatment of thyroid disorders. We treat all conditions related to the thyroid gland from hyperactive thyroid disease to hypothyroid states where the thyroid gland is under active. In addition, we evaluate and recommend treatment plans and evaluation for nodular thyroid disease including multinodular thyroid gland as well as thyroid cancers.

Patients who are diagnosed with diabetes are seen and evaluated through our protocol driven same day walk-in clinic for patients with new diagnoses of diabetes. Here patient blood glucose levels are stabilized, treatment for acute blood glucose levels is instituted and the patients are monitored in the clinic for as long as needed. Thereafter patients are sent home and seen on a daily basis until blood glucose levels are stabilized and a treatment plan is initiated. This alleviates the need for hospitalization with the new diagnosis of diabetes and patients are able to start stable outpatient regimen without missing days from work or school. We provide service for both patients with type-I and type-II diabetes and also young patients with new diagnosis of diabetes.


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