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Comprehensive Thyroid Care



We have an efficient method of assessing and monitoring thyroid nodules and if indicated, a biopsy is done during the very first visit that the patient is seen.

The thyroid biopsies are done in the outpatient clinic settings where a small gauge needle is used to obtain specimens/cells from the thyroid nodule to determine if surgical excision/removal of these nodules is indicated.

We have a very impressive track record of successful biopsies as over 90% of our biopsies yield positive results and a very small number of patients need repeat biopsies.  A repeat biopsy is needed when inadequate cells/specimen are obtained during the biopsy.  This can happen as the biopsy is done using a very small gauge needle to minimize the trauma to the neck as well as limit the pain that the patient may endure.  For biopsies, we numb/anesthetize with a local lidocaine infiltration into the skin before biopsy is performed. 

As soon as biopsy results are available, they are communicated to the patients. 

We are also able to process the specimens for general testing if more in-depth assessment is required, or if is requested by the patient. 


Monitoring of Thyroid Nodules:

We monitor our patients with thyroid nodules at regular intervals, which in most cases is annual, to assess the thyroid nodules/goiter and to make sure that there is no change in size and to see if any intervention is indicated over time. 


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