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Thyroid Disorders



At AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center we specialize in the treatment of thyroid disorders.  We treat all conditions related to the thyroid gland from hyperactive thyroid disease to hypothyroid states where the thyroid gland is under active.  In addition, we evaluate and recommend treatment plans and evaluation for nodular thyroid disease including multinodular thyroid gland as well as thyroid cancers. 


Patients with hyperthyroid states are evaluated in the clinic and treatment and investigation is done via laboratory studies as well as thyroid ultrasound, which are all done in the clinic.  In addition, if a nuclear medicine thyroid scan is done then the patients are referred to an outpatient facility usually at one of the hospitals where patients undergo thyroid scanning if indicated. 

We treat the patients’ hyperthyroid state based on our evaluation and recommend treatment plan ranging from use of anti-thyroid medication or treatment with radioactive iodine therapy.  In addition, if appropriate, surgery may also be recommended for certain patients.

Once the hyperthyroid condition is evaluated and treated, follow-up evaluation is done with serial laboratory testing and physical and clinical examination.  The interval of followup after initial treatment is based on each individual patient’s condition and assessment. 


Patients with hypothyroid states are assessed and evaluated based on clinical examination, laboratory findings as well as ultrasound examination, which are all done during the patient’s initial visit at the clinic as indicated.

Patients are treated with thyroid hormone replacement therapy and monitoring is done with follow-up laboratory examination as well as physical exam and treatment is adjusted as needed. 

Once patients are stable, they are seen once or twice a year for ongoing assessment.  If, however, there are any new symptoms that develop and evaluation is required patients are advised to get their labs checked and treatment is adjusted based on these labs.  This kind of intervention is based on patients’ need and is done as frequently as indicated to treat our patients.

Thyroid nodules:

If a patient is referred for evaluation of a thyroid nodule we are very prompt in completing the initial assessment during the first visit and if there are no contraindications a biopsy is also done, if needed, at the patient’s first visit.  For thyroid biopsies, we also use Afirma Laboratory assessment where testing for genetic markers on the biopsy specimen is done in patients where it is indicated.

Both the ultrasound examination and their biopsies are done in the clinic during the patient visit.

Thyroid cancer:

Once we see a patient with thyroid cancer or diagnose a patient with thyroid cancer, we make appropriate referrals for surgery, which require removal of the thyroid gland and after surgical intervention patients are followed by our physicians and nurse practitioners for ongoing monitoring and survey to evaluate for adequate treatment and care as well as ongoing monitoring where we follow patients with annual thyroid cancer evaluation and these scans are done at the hospitals.


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