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Comprehensive Diabetes Education Class – learn about diabetes and self-management skills to live well with diabetes, including diet, exercising, stress management &coping, medications, and more. 
Carb Counting– Learn the effects of protein, fat, and carbohydrates on blood glucose. Learn to use food labels and portion sizes to count carbohydrates and better control blood glucose levels. Learn how to monitor/control diabetes when sick. 


Pre-Pump Education – Preparing for insulin pump therapy with basic knowledge of carb counting, basal/bolus insulin, symptoms/ treatment/ prevention of hypoglycemia and more.
Insulin Pump Initiation –Trained professionals will teach each patient how to understand and operate the pump of his/her choice.
Advanced Pumping – In-depth insulin pump education that focuses on operation and trouble shooting specifically for the pump the patient wears.
Advanced Carb Counting – In-depth carbohydrate counting education and practice specifically designed for patients using insulin pump therapy.


Patient education is an integral part of A M Diabetes. We are dedicated to continually improving diabetes education by providing materials and methods to help patients achieve successful, long-term diabetes management and self-care. We also focus on research and evaluation of new educational programs.

Through our unique patient-centered approach, we are able to offer a wide variety of group education programs to help patients get on and stay on the pathway to health.

There are beginner classes, advanced classes, refresher classes and programs for those who want to use the insulin pump. These classes are usually taken in addition to one-on-one education with diabetes nurse educators and dietitians.

Our registered dietitians and nurse educators are outstanding leaders in the field of nutrition and diabetes care. They are certified diabetes educators who offer individual counseling and group education classes that promote healthful food behaviors and skills at a basic and advanced level. Nutrition educators effectively address the challenges of weight control, modify food choices based on your medical history, and keep you up to date on the latest diabetes and nutrition information based on the best available research.

Insurance companies often cover the cost of most of these programs.



We pride ourselves in being comprehensive outpatient facility where diabetes education is a priority.

Proper care of diabetes is empowerment of patients with knowledge where they can modify their lifestyle activity and food intake to get to optimal diabetes control and to prevent long-term and short-term complications from high and low blood glucose levels.

We offer a comprehensive diabetes class where we follow the curriculum as prescribed by the American Diabetes Association to review with patients how to self-manage their disease.

The class is offered once a week as well as one weekend (last Saturday) every month.

Please call the clinic or request appointment to the class through our website. Patients are allowed to bring one companion per session.


Carb Counting:

We offer daily carb counting sessions where carbohydrate content of different food groups is reviewed and patients are taught how to adhere to certain carb-restricted diet as recommended by their providers.

Patients are taught to count the carbohydrate count content of food they consume which helps them adjust the dose of insulin that is administered with meals.


Daily insulin injection/blood glucose monitoring class:

We are happy to offer this session to our patients as well as other people who want to understand and to learn the technique of giving insulin injection and calculation of insulin dose.

This session is geared toward patients who are placed on insulin and want to understand the proper technique of administering insulin, via syringes as well as insulin pens.

In addition, these sessions also address blood glucose monitoring where different monitors are used and proper technique of blood glucose monitoring and treatment goals of blood glucose levels are reviewed in detail.



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