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Additional Services


Additional Services

Clinical Research Trials

Comprehensive Diabetic Care

Comprehensive Thyroid Care

Education Center

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Insulin Pump Center

  • Insulin Pumps

          - Medtronic

          - Tandem

          - Omni Pod

  • Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor Systems (CGMS)

          - Dexcom

          - Eversense

          - Guardian

          - Libre

Intensive Behavioral Therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Tele Health Consults



We take pride in treating patients with both type-I and type-II diabetes by providing from the most basic of education to the most advanced technology including continuous glucose monitors as well as insulin pump therapy.  We have a team of providers at the Center, which include both certified endocrinologists and nurse practitioners that specialize in treatment of patients with diabetes as well as diabetes educators and certified diabetes educators and licensed psychologists.  In addition, we recommend patients to certified physiotherapists and exercise trainers in order to help them achieve lifestyle goals with structured exercise programs.


How to best utilize services at the center: 

1. Comprehensive Diabetes Evaluation 

Comprehensive diabetes evaluation is done during your visit where baseline status of diabetes control is made after initial examination and history evaluation.  The examination is geared towards evaluating complications of diabetes such as eye disease, kidney disease, neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease.  In addition, during your visit a comprehensive nutritional assessment and meal planning is done to recommend an optimal meal plan to ensure proper management of your diabetes. 

If needed, you will be scheduled for a comprehensive diabetes class where all aspects of diabetes care including complications will be reviewed and addressed.


2. Advanced Diabetes Services

If you have type-I diabetes or longstanding type-II diabetes, where your body is not able to produce insulin and you have multiple complications, which are difficult to control and uncontrolled diabetes is contributing to worsening of complications and all therapies have failed to achieve control of diabetes, then an insulin pump may be treatment for you.  For this comprehensive assessment is made and once it is determined that patients meet the criteria for insulin pump therapy, they are enrolled in a special pre-pump session where pump therapy is reviewed, discussed and talked.  However, pump trainers are comfortable with putting the patients on the pump a pump-start session is done where actual pump therapy is initiated.   

We keep a very close follow-up of our patients who get started on insulin pump and all are seen within three days of starting a pump where ease of use and problems with pump therapy are assessed and addressed.


3. Ongoing Monitoring and Treatment of Diabetes

For patients who wish to have the disease monitored and treated, our team is well equipped to follow patients once a year, twice a year or more times a year as needed to control and treat diabetes. 

  • Clinical Research Trials
  • Diabetes Education
  • Glucose Sensors
  • Insulin Pump Training & Maintenance
  • Thyroid Biopsies & Ultrasounds


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