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Tandem Diabetes: Patient Resources


How do I Access My Personal T:Connect Account

  1. Login to my Personal T:Connect Account: (
  • Please ask your patients to write down the email and password and keep in the same place they keep their pump supplies.
  1. If you forget your email or password for my Personal T:Connect Account Login, there are buttons to the right of each login box that guide you in recovering or resetting these values.

***Contact Tandem’s 24/7 Tech Support (877) 801-6901 for additional help in accessing your portal.

How do I Download My Pump from Home

Before you Begin:

  • Make sure you have the micro-USB cord that connects your pump to the USB Port on your computer
  • Make sure you have the Tandem t:slim Uploader Software. If you don’t you can download here: Tandem t:slim Uploader Software
  1. Connect your pump to your Computer (using the USB port of your computer)
  2. Open the Tandem Uploader Software By double clicking on the Blue Tandem Uploader Icon on your Desktop
  3. Click Start Download button
  4. Once you have completed this step, a box will appear stating Upload Successful
  5. You may close the window at this time. Your provider will be able to see your pump download in the clinic now.

What Additional Resources are Available

  1. Review the Getting Started attachment
  1. T-simulator App (mobile devices): This is an amazing resource for patients to test the Tandem insulin pump firsthand, use as a supplement to training, or address any number of questions you may have regarding Product Support, Sales Support or Diabetes Resources. You can download by: Downloading the App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, or you can Text DEMO to TANDEM (826336).
  1. com (support section of our website) has the same videos and help sections available on the T-Simulator Application.
  1. Technical Support: (24/7 Availability): (877) 801-6901


Tconnect Getting Started


How to Update Pump Step by Step


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