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Lab tests provide a view into the inner workings of your body, delivering essential information that guides your treatment and helps restore your health. Kashif Latif, MD, and the team at AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center in Bartlett, Tennessee, are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for diabetes and other endocrine disorders, which includes all of your lab tests. If you have questions about obtaining lab work or you’d like to schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking system today.

Lab Tests Q&A

Why do I need lab tests?

Hormones are messengers that travel throughout your body and regulate nearly every vital function. They start and stop biochemical processes, correct problems, and communicate between organs. As such, hormone imbalances are quite complex and take a significant amount of investigating to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. Lab tests serve a key role in that process.

Lab tests reveal hormone levels in your body. They also screen for many other biomarkers that show changes associated with hormone imbalances, such as inflammation, high cholesterol, and high blood glucose.

When do you perform lab tests?

The team at AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center performs lab tests at various times throughout your treatment. You have lab tests at your initial evaluation to help determine your diagnosis and the best course of treatment.

Patients who receive ongoing care at AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center have lab testing done during their annual physical. Most patients also need routine lab tests at regular intervals to verify their hormone levels. Routine testing shows if your treatment is working or if it needs an adjustment to maintain optimal health.

What types of lab tests might I receive?

The initial lab test typically screens for numerous hormones and biomarkers, depending on your symptoms and the results of your physical exam. Follow-up testing is specific for the hormones and problems associated with your diagnosis, whether that means testing for insulin, thyroid hormones, or other types of hormones.

When you come in for an annual preventive physical or for routine diabetes maintenance, the team at AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center runs the following lab tests:

  • Cholesterol profile
  • Kidney function test
  • Liver test
  • Potassium levels
  • Thyroid function tests

Lab tests require a blood and/or urine sample. For example, your kidney function evaluation includes a urine study that checks for protein in your urine.

Lab tests are covered by insurance as part of monitoring and treating diabetes. If you don’t have insurance, call the billing department to check the costs for your lab work.

If you need lab testing or you’d like to receive comprehensive diabetes management at AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center, call the office or schedule an appointment online.