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About the practice

Our team at AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center in Bartlett, Tennessee welcomes patients with diabetes, thyroid disorders, and other endocrine issues. Board-certified endocrinologist and internist Kashif Latif, MD, named the center in honor of his son, who has Type 1 diabetes. It was this personal inspiration that led to creating a holistic facility that provides comprehensive endocrine solutions with personalized care. At AM Diabetes Center, we treat each patient as if they are our family members and strive to surpass expectations.


Our center is certified by the American Diabetes Association, an honor that is only awarded following a rigorous process of documenting patient care and positive results. We offer a comprehensive diabetes education curriculum, as we believe patient empowerment is the cornerstone to help patients manage their diabetes with a focus on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.


Our staff includes physicians, doctor of nurse practitioner, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators, certified exercise specialists, and certified pump trainers. We treat patients according to established best practices with excellent results.


We offer routine lab tests, EKGs, diabetic foot care, neuropathy exams, circulation screening, evaluation of renal function, and advanced eye exams with retinal imaging. In addition, our services include a wide range of diagnostic tests, medical services, and procedures which keep most patients from traveling to specialists at various locations.


AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center houses the first-of-its-kind insulin pump center in the nation, devoted to singularly taking care of patients on insulin pump therapy.


We are experienced in taking care of newly diagnosed Type One Diabetes patients. During the first visit, we test to confirm the diagnosis of Type I Diabetes Mellitus and initiate treatment the same day. Patients are monitored in the clinic as long as needed to make sure their clinical status and blood sugar is stable. We continue to monitor and see the newly diagnosed patient on a daily basis until blood glucose levels are stabilized and a treatment plan is in place. The protocol-driven intensive care of newly diagnosed patients at AM Diabetes Center avoids hospitalization, during the first few days after diagnosis.


We offer online visits and care opportunities for our patients through a variety of platforms. Our experience and expertise with the latest devices and sensors allow us to remotely monitor and treat patients with great results.


Our on-site exercise center with specialty programs geared towards patients with diabetes and other endocrine disorders add an extremely important aspect to patient care.


Our caring, multidisciplinary team of providers treats the spectrum of endocrine disorders centered around every patient’s individual needs.


Team members are available to answer questions and offer support. Call the office at 901-384-0065 to schedule your appointment.

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