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Community Involvement

AM Diabetes & Endocrinology Center has a number of initiatives for community involvement, as giving back to the community at large and especially type-I diabetes community is our passion.  Some of the programs that have been carried out for years are outlined below:

Sugar Run 5k

Sugar Run 5K was established in 2005. This is 5K run, which was started in partnership with Dr. Julie Kate Webster of the JK diabetic foot center. The sole purpose of the run is to raise funds to find a cure for Type I diabetes.  All funds are donated to funda-cure, which is a fund raising initiative of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations, where 100% of the monies are directed towards research activity to find a cure for type-I diabetes. Like JDRF, the goal of Sugar Run is to see itself to extinction by finding a cure for type-I diabetes.

We have a dedicated group of sponsors from the industry as well as our peers and friends from the local community who have contributed generously to this run. Listing of those sponsors are in the section of sponsors below. To date we have almost contributed $100,000 to this cause and are proud to be the highest benefactor for West Tennessee branch of JDRF Fund a Cure Drive.

List of Sponsors:

  • Dr. Kishore Arcot.

  • Dr. Seth Yoser.

  • Dr. Ejaz Virk.

  • Dr. Arsalan Shirwany.

  • Dr. Sudha Ganguli.

  • Gastro one/Dr. Farees Farooq.

  • Medtronic Diabetes.

  • Tandem Diabetes.

  • Dexcom.

  • Eli Lilly Corporation.

  • Sanofi-Aventis Corporation.

  • Novo Nordisk Incorporation.

Please find a full description of Sugar Run activities as well as pictures from previous years on the Facebook page of sugar run.


AM Diabetes and Endocrinology center has a strong relationship with the Shelby County School Systems where education seminars are done for school nurses towards treatment and pathophysiology of type-I diabetes, to benefit the system and help improve care for students with type-I diabetes. We sponsor annual sessions for the nurses typically during the summer months, for their training as well as reviewing insulin pump therapy. Our staff is available to help train families of patients who need understanding of the disease process of their family members whom they care for.


AM Diabetes and Endocrinology Center has sponsored a significant number of children with type-I diabetes to be able to participate in the annual diabetes camp. Sponsorship is provided to families and patients who are not able to afford the cost of the camp. We feel that participation in the diabetes camp is a valuable experience for children to learn and have improvement in coping skills with regards to type-I diabetes. We welcome inquiries and applications from parents who attend the Regional Diabetes Camp at Camp Hopewell in Oxford, Mississippi through the link below. In addition, we also welcome support for this activity from people who consider donating to this cause. 


AM Diabetes and Endocrinology Center is a designated site for training of endocrinology fellows at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. In addition, fellows who are interested in going to an educational conference can apply for scholarship to such activities. Scholarships are limited to two per year and cover most of the expenses of attending a conference as well as part of lodging during a conference. An application for funding can be made through the link below.

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